Rachel Krider’s Presentations

As a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, international speaker and trainer, Rachel Krider specializes in personal development, success coaching, business, leadership, social media training, and marketing. Get to know Rachel, co-host of Mind Power and Industry Insider podcasts and co-founder of personal development businesses Prosperity of Life and Born to Prosper, through her informational and eye-catching presentations.

With a strong passion for personal development, Rachel Krider launched a business within the industry that graciously allowed her to pursue a luxury lifestyle filled with travel for her family. As an entrepreneur herself, Rachel takes a stand for people to help them create significant success and transform their lives by their design. Utilizing basic personal development principles such as the law of attraction, the law of prosperity, being at cause, understanding the ladder of life and more, Rachel Krider hopes to spread her rags-to-riches successes to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

These presentations will walk you through her day in the life of helping people to create prosperity, success, self-reliance, and abundance through the personal empowerment, self-education, and personal development industries. However, she can’t take credit for all of her business success, because she has quite a few personal development speakers and authors she looks up to. Notable role models she looks up to include Oprah, Jim Rohn, and Louise Hay.

The journey to finding personal development success can be a difficult one, but you won’t have to go about it alone. With Rachel Krider’s presentations and inspiring words, you will be able to find your way on your journey to personal development success.


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