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Are you looking to get out of credit card debt? Or want to travel the world while still earning a living? What about finding more financial freedom in your life, where you’re easily bringing home six figures annually?

Rachel Krider is a self-made millionaire who today gives various personal development speeches and seminars to hopeful entrepreneurs who are looking to build their best lives for themselves and their families. At one point in her young life, Rachel Krider was financially struggling and didn’t know where to turn. She received a personal development book from a friend and was instantly hooked.

For years she studied personal development. One day, a unique opportunity came along. Although she was apprehensive at first, Rachel listened to her gut and went for the opportunity. Today, you can learn from Rachel Krider and her husband, Shane Krider, another personal development life coach, as they talk about their successes in these educational videos in partnership with their company, Prosperity of Life.

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“They’re leading by example. They are demonstrations of success. These companies lead by real people. People who are down to earth, they’re humble, they’re unique human beings.”

“Rachel has had an amazing impact. She’s my number one inspiration. Number one mentor.”

“To me, she is a demonstration of the power of what beyond freedom evolution can do for someone, for anyone.”