When you come home after a long day at work, you might be tempted to take a nap or binge-watch the newest Netflix series. While it’s fine to indulge every so often, there are many other ways you can relax when you get home, and they will feel much more rewarding than sitting on the couch for hours.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking is both a practical and fun activity, and for many people, it’s also very relaxing. Trying out a new recipe could be exciting, but if you’re looking for more of a calm experience, stick with a dish you already know and love. Need a place to start? Try a stir-fry with your favorite protein, seasonal vegetables, and either rice or noodles. You can add dry seasonings or a sauce to give it a little extra flavor.

Alternately, some people prefer baking to cooking. It isn’t as easy to be creative in baking (since ingredients must be proportional), but there are so many options out there that you are sure to find a recipe that is easy. Plus, you might even have all the ingredients in your cupboard! A batch of chocolate chip cookies, some cupcakes, or a mug brownie are all fairly easy to make and won’t take more than an hour or two. In the end, you’ll have a tasty treat, too!

Spa At Home

Be honest: if you could go to the spa every day, you would, wouldn’t you? I love getting a pedicure and a nice massage after a stressful day, but it’s not always financially feasible to go. Instead of spending hundreds getting a full treatment, set up your own spa at home! You can soak your feet and give yourself a pedicure, or take a comforting bath with a bath bomb, all while using a face mask. Lots of women have all the products they need for a home spa in their bathroom, so it’s just a matter of setting aside the time to use them.


What list would be complete without meditation? I’m not suggesting you sit silently for hours, trying not to fall asleep. What I actually recommend is to spend an evening on mindful activities. This can include traditional meditation, as well as journaling, coloring, or any number of other activities that take your mind off of the busy world and into the present. After all, meditation is more about clearing your mind than it is about following deep-breathing exercises.

Read an Old Favorite

I love reading, but it can be difficult to motivate myself to read after an exhausting day. If you ever fall into this trap, do not feel defeated! My solution is to read a book that you already know and love. We all have those books that feel like home when you crack them open. Maybe you grew up with them, or read them at a time in your life when you really needed an escape. It’s hard to be stressed when flipping through pages with beloved characters. As a bonus, you might even find something new that you missed during the first read (or twenty).

Some days, it’s really difficult to relax after dealing with stressful problems all day. If you need a solution, try one of these four activities when you head home tonight.