Getting to know who you really are on the inside isn’t always easy. The path of self-discovery is winding and different for each and every one of us, however, there are a few universal truths regarding enlightenment and the discovery of ones true self. Generally speaking, most of our individual goals regarding self-discovery are quite similar. Everyone is looking for happiness, ultimately, whether it be through self-acceptance, inner peace or simply understanding the inner workings of one’s mind.

Self-discover is important because we can live our whole lives without ever really knowing who we are. Misunderstanding our own unique identities can lead us to make detrimental mistakes to our overall happiness. Consider one who believes their happiness to lie in academia, spending their entire lives thus far in college, only to find out that what they once thought held the keys to happiness is not what they actually enjoy. You can never get lost time back, so it is important to discover your true self without waiting any longer.

While we all must take our own journeys to reach our inner selves, there are a few questions which apply to anyone undergoing such a mindful transformation. The following are 3 important questions to ask yourself while on the path of self-discovery.

What Matters Most?

What matters most to you, at any given point in life, may drastically change as you get older and experience more of the world. You should regularly ask yourself this question as a way to check in with your subconscious and make sure that you are attuned with your current psychology.

What Is My Purpose?

Some philosophers argue that there is no intrinsic purpose to be found in life, however, “purpose,” in this sense, is defined by whatever you feel is worth living for. You can live to take care of your children or dog, as well as go to work everyday. The choice is yours.

How Am I Censoring Myself?

Often without even realizing it, we censor our inner selves from feeling or expressing the various internal dilemmas and desires we experience throughout our whole lives. Sometimes we do so to such an extent to severely limit who we are and how we live our lives. You should analyze yourself and find out how you might be holding yourself back. Try to live true to yourself.