Ever heard of Prosperity of Life? The United States-based personal development business offers a step-by-step program to help aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve the goals of their dreams. Not only do they provide the education and the inspiration necessary for entrepreneurs, but they also offer a community of people that are striving toward extraordinary things in their own lives as well. As a community whose culture helps bring big dreams to reality, the business fosters something more significant, grander, and exceptional to everyday life.

The Prosperity of Life founders, Shane Krider, Rachel Krider and Greg Strom, released a video of results of a survey taken by students in their personal and leadership development curriculum. The following text below outlines these results. Overall, the results indicated an average increase of 75 percent in advanced success skills among those who participated in the program.  

We asked students of their success education curriculum to answer a series of questions about their experience with the program. The questions targeted advanced success skills, direction, judgment, commitment, confidence, self-esteem, handling change, communication, personal responsibility, resiliency to setbacks, eagerness toward the future, resourcefulness, ability to manage peer groups, setting goals, achieving goals,  improving conditions, influence, and leadership.

Overall, the success education curriculum created an unprecedented 75 percent increase in advanced success skills for those responding worldwide! I’m happy to say their lives are 75 percent more effective and satisfying.

So what does a 75 percent increase look like?

Take a typical car, for example. A car with 250 horsepower with a 75 percent increase will give you a sports car with 438 horsepower.

Or a house. A standard home for a family of four costs about $300,000. With a 75 percent increase, you can get a house worth $525,000.

Or in a person’s life, when failed relationships can turn into healthy relationships.

Many survey categories showed even higher results:

  • An increase in confidence of 80 percent
  • An increase in effectiveness of setting goals of 84 percent
  • A raised ability to handling change of 86 percent
  • Improvements in self-esteem of 89 percent
  • Advancements in personal responsibility of 92 percent
  • An enhancement of life direction of 95 percent
  • An enrichment in judgment of 95 percent
  • Gains in personal commitment of 98 percent
  • An expansion of resourcefulness of an impressive 99 percent

The results are in, and our personal development program works! If you’re interested in joining us, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

For more information on Prosperity of Life’s personal development products and online business community, check out their website here.